The BVDW's aim is to work on topics in a goal-oriented and interdisciplinary manner.

Results-oriented structure

The BVDW aims to work on topics in a goal-oriented and interdisciplinary manner. This is why we operate in an open structure of expert groups, focus groups, initiatives and departments. This structure enables us to quickly and flexibly address the requirements of the market, the industry and our members, to work on topics and developments in a results-oriented manner and to shape and drive the development of the digital economy.

When they join the BVDW, our member companies are assigned to a segment. The segments represent the entire digital value chain. Thanks to the open structure, all members can participate in the various topic groups (focus groups, initiatives, departments), regardless of their segment.

  • Focus groups are used for members to exchange ideas on a topic area that is relevant across segments. The focus groups form the “thematic home” of BVDW members.
  • In addition to the focus groups, we also support initiatives. These are groups with which future topics can be quickly addressed. An initiative can develop into a focus group depending on its market relevance.
  • The association’s main topics are divided into departments and are managed directly by the BVDW office. Members are cordially invited to actively participate in the departments.