Digital Responsibility — is the contact for responsible digitalization.

About the Department

We advocate for the sustainable and ethical use of digital solutions, as well as for frameworks governing the deployment of digital technologies. This is to ensure the continued growth of the digital economy, and all in a responsible manner. To achieve this, the BVDW, in collaboration with companies from various sectors, has developed a Europe-wide Digital Responsibility Framework called the CDR Building Bloxx. 



We advocate a uniform understanding of digital responsibility and a framework for responsible innovation in order to promote the growth of the digital economy. 


Our goal is to create a common understanding of digital responsibility in Germany and Europe. As the voice of digital transformation, the department develops this and thus increases the relevance of digital responsibility. 


The Digital Responsibility department is dedicated to developing comprehensive strategies for digital responsibility, ranging from digital inclusion and data security to environmental and resource management. We work closely with companies to promote responsible practices. Among other things, we are committed to ethical standards. Other topics include regulation at EU level and how it affects the digital economy, as well as sustainable digital advertising.


1st Lab Digital Responsibility: Sustainable Digital Advertising Lab 

Sustainability is also increasingly becoming an issue for the advertising industry, which is why the Digital Responsibility department has its own lab dedicated to this focus. The aim of the lab is to develop and establish guidelines and standards that help companies to act sustainably in the context of digital advertising and demonstrate this to stakeholders. The entire advertising value chain from creation to distribution is considered. The Lab also serves as an interface to the Sustainability Standards Committee of IAB Europe. 

Lab leader 

  • Anna-Lena Mikoteit-Zerb 
    Head of Digital, Bauer Media Group

Deputy Head of Lab 

  • Lisa Vieweg 
    Strategic Partner Lead, News & Broadcast, Google 
2nd Lab Digital Responsibility: ESG Lab

Environmental, social and governance, or ESG for short, are the dimensions in which sustainability is currently understood and addressed in the corporate context. Together with BVDW members, the ESG Lab aims to work out the significance of ESG for the digital economy and how existing and future legislation can be implemented. As a first milestone, the Lab has set itself the goal of updating the CDR Building Bloxx, which were developed in the Digital Responsibility department, with regard to CSRD and ESG criteria. 


  • Bartosz Przybylek 
    Founder and Managing Director, whyzer GmbH


Maike Scholz
Deputy chairwoman
Deutsche Telekom AG
Jakob Wößner
Weleda AG


Beatriz Bilfinger
Program Manager
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