Digital Commerce — is the thought leader for the digitalization of retail.

About the Focus group

There are many players and stakeholders whose interests are changing and facing challenges as digitalization and new technologies progress. We stand for transparency and education and are opinion leaders for practical strategies for the implementation of a successful digitalization of retail. Our three focus topics are social commerce, data-driven commerce and omnichannel commerce. 


We design the commerce ecosystems of the future, enabling all players to connect in the value chain. The customer always remains the focus.


We want to demonstrate the opportunities offered by the wide range of digital solutions for the commerce industry in a very practical way and help to make the customer journey understandable.


We advocate a differentiated discourse on how to deal with new technologies and the changes for customer touchpoints. To this end, we develop guidelines, white papers, checklists or organize webinars and discussion panels that help interested parties design their strategies in a user-centric way and take them to the next level.   

We also engage in proactive and reactive media relations, act as an interface between business and politics, develop our own viewpoints and positions and help brands, retailers and end consumers understand new challenges.


Oliver Dr. Bohl
Triplesense Reply GmbH
Martina Bergmann
Deputy chairwoman
Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH
Ellen Kuder
Deputy chairwoman
Riverty Group GmbH
Conrad Wrobel
Deputy chairman
emgress GmbH
Jan van Randenborgh
Deputy chairman
Marly & Jacob GmbH


Irina Schmitz
Senior Program Manager
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