New Work — is the department for the workplace of the future.

About the Department

The way we work is evolving rapidly thanks to innovative technologies. In addition to opportunities, there are always risks. What influence will digitalization have on the working world of the future? What will the working models of the future look like? Which professions are particularly affected by the changes? Questions like these and many more are discussed in the Digital Working Worlds section.


The department offers perspectives on the transformation of the digital working world, addresses all member companies with its overarching focus and shapes the content-related dialog in business, society and politics. 


We want to create optimal conditions so that companies and employees can make meaningful use of digital technologies. We also want to counteract the shortage of skilled workers by placing young talent in the markets of the future.


The Digital Working Worlds department is divided into five pillars: Labor Market, New Work, HR & HR Tech, Digital Skills and Leadership. With current studies, position papers, university cooperations as well as training and further education offers, the BVDW provides important information about the industry, sustainably strengthens the development of the markets and consciously tries to place young talents in the future markets in order to counteract the shortage of skilled workers. In addition, the department addresses all members with its overarching theme and promotes dialog.


Jannika Dr. Bock
Deputy chairwoman
Google Germany GmbH
Marcus Mehrheim


Beatriz Bilfinger
Program Manager
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