TMA – The media agencies in the BVDW — The representation of interests for German media agencies.

About the Expert group

We are the voice of the media agencies in Germany. Under our umbrella, the agencies work on cross-market industry topics, formulate their positions, realize joint initiatives and send official representatives to the major industry committees.

The media agencies are based on two organizations that are closely interlinked and ensure broad coverage of all industry topics. These are the trade association Die Mediaagenturen e.V. (formerly OMG) and the specialist group the media agencies in the BVDW (formerly FOMA).


We represent the common interests of media agencies in the market and in politics. We are organized as a trade association and as a specialist group within the German Association for the Digital Economy (BVDW). Optimizing the brand success of our customers is our goal, and media in the digital age is our passion.


In the BVDW, the media agencies are driving forward the development of the agency service spectrum, training and further education, media policy, currencies and conventions in the field of digital media, among other things. In addition, the media agencies in the BVDW are in close contact with the other committees of the BVDW in order to represent the perspective of the agencies in all areas of the digital economy. In this way, the media agencies, in exchange with their market partners, society and politics, create the framework to achieve the optimal return on investment for their customers, the advertising companies, on their advertising budgets.


Ulrich Kramer
pilot Hamburg GmbH & Co. KG
Timucin Güzey
Deputy chairman
Mindshare GmbH
Sascha Jansen
Deputy chairman
Omnicom Media Group Germany GmbH
René Lamsfuß
Deputy chairman
Publicis Media GmbH
Sascha Jansen
Sascha Jansen
Deputy chairman
Omnicom Media Group Germany GmbH

„Längst nicht alle Zertifikate im Markt sind tatsächlich Belege für hoch-qualitative Arbeit und Expertise. Ein Zertifikat des BVDW muss man sich allerdings wirklich verdienen. Mit nachzuweisendem Know-how, überprüft von fachkundigen Juroren und durch entsprechende Reputation über Kunden. Als OMG sind wir Kommunikations-Generalisten für die es wichtig ist, in allen Spezial-Disziplinen exzellente Fachexpertise zu dokumentieren. Deshalb sind wir sehr stolz darauf in allen fünf Fachdisziplinen – SEO, SEA, Social Media, Affiliate Marketing und Programmatic Advertising – über ein BVDW-Zertifikat zu verfügen.


Inge Hafner
Teamlead Digital Business & Ecosystem
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