Programmatic Advertising — The committee for cross-segment collaboration.

About the Focus group

Programmatic advertising (PA) continues to be on course for success with double-digit growth rates in Germany. It is a key success factor in the media business of the future and one of the most important advantages of digital channels in the competition for media budgets. The aim of this committee is to further develop and sustainably shape the programmatic trading of digitally addressable media in Germany. We promote quality, define standards and facilitate cooperation.

Scope of application

The committee, composed of agencies, marketers, technology service providers, and platform providers, focuses on cross-segment collaboration. Its main tasks include conveying key terminology, mechanisms, and methods, developing technical standards, as well as evaluating quality criteria and using data. The focus group also cooperates with various national and international partner associations, such as the IAB Europe and the IAB US, of which the BVDW is a licensee in Germany, in order to coordinate and drive forward cross-national developments.

Our new format: Expert Talk Reloaded

The Programmatic Advertising Focus Group has launched a new format, Expert Talk Reloaded, to provide a platform for the concentrated expertise of its members here on its committee page and on the BVDW’s social media channels. 

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The new 'Women in Programmatic' network 

We are a women’s network in a tech domain that is still predominantly male-dominated. Career level is not a decisive factor. On the contrary, we are happy to have a diverse mix of female participants, from trainees to CEOs. Our network does not remain digital and we want to encourage and support face-to-face meetings.

What we have in mind 
We have received so many great ideas and inspiration from you. That’s why we will also try to establish small digital snack formats in addition to the personal exchange formats. For example, for current trend topics in our industry – but of course also on topics that concern us as women. Last but not least, we want to challenge and encourage each other. Perhaps one of you would even like to present a current topic from your company or a current challenge in your job? We are open to anything! 

Communication channels 
We use three channels to stay in contact with each other. We’ll wait and see how each channel develops.  

You can subscribe to the BVDW e-mail distribution list here. 
You can join our LinkedIn group here 
You can join our Signal group here.   

If you have any questions, please contact Sabrina Büchel (BurdaForward) or Nicole Mortier (Virtual Minds), the two patrons of the network, or Ina Franke directly at BVDW.

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Lab Data Clean Rooms

The topic of data clean rooms is becoming increasingly important for the entire programmatic advertising ecosystem. In addition to other aspects, data protection compliance, digital marketing in the cookie-less future, first-party data strategies and supply path optimization play a major role. There is often a lack of clarity about how data clean rooms work, the various use cases (analytics, activation) and the terminology.

The aim of the lab is to provide information and education for individual market partners, including the development and publication of white papers, provider overviews and use cases, as well as participation in events.

Lab Manager

  • Eric Hall
    Halls of …
  • Sascha Dolling
    Mediaplus Realtime


Eric Hall
Halls of Digital Strategies
Carsten Becker
Deputy chairman
Omnicom Media Group Germany GmbH
Sabrina Büchel
Deputy chairwoman
BurdaForward GmbH
Sascha Dolling
Deputy chairman
Mediaplus Realtime GmbH & Co. KG
Nicole Mortier
Deputy chairwoman
Virtual Minds GmbH
Siamac Rahnavard
Deputy chairman
REVO/Impact GmbH & Co. KG
Jörg Vogelsang
Deputy chairman
101con – Digital Services & Consultancy


Ina Franke
Senior Program Manager
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