Affiliate Marketing — The committee is a platform for all market participants.

About the Focus group

The Affiliate Marketing Focus Group is the information and exchange platform for all market participants. Performance marketing agencies, technology providers, public networks, advertisers and publishers work together here. 


The basic idea of the members of this committee is based on fairness and the goal of strengthening and further developing the industry through the cooperation of advertisers, publishers and networks. 


Affiliate marketing has always been characterized by innovation, diversity and flexibility and is ideally equipped for the future as an attractive and profitable online sales channel. Top priority for the industry is given to data protection regulations such as GDPR (DSGVO), TTDSG (Telecommunications-Telemedia Data Protection Act) and the ePrivacy Regulation, as well as browser restrictions such as ITP, ETP and Google’s sandbox.  


Exchange: Relevant and current topics are discussed here.   

Educational and public relations work: Strengthening the understanding and perception of affiliate marketing. To this end, we appear at “non-affiliate” events and position ourselves in the relevant specialist media. This will bring the joint voice of the focus group even more to the fore.  

Standardization: Setting standards within the affiliate marketing channel with the help of voluntary commitments, certifications, training and educational opportunities. 


André Koegler
Chairman of the Affiliate Marketing Focus Group
Impact Germany GmbH
Ingo Kamps
Deputy Chairman of the Affiliate Marketing Focus Group
Axel Springer Teaser Ad GmbH
Valentina Piol
Deputy Chairwoman of the Affiliate Marketing Focus Group
Member of the Expert Advisory Board Affiliate Marketing Specialist Certificate
Artefact Germany GmbH
Andreas Sasnovskis
Deputy Chairman of the Affiliate Marketing Focus Group
Webgains GmbH


Ina Franke
Senior Program Manager
+49 30 2062186-28
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