Digital Audio — developing industry standards of the present and the audio markets of the future.

About the Focus group

Audio is part of our digital living environments for everyone, everywhere. It is the user interface of the future: smart speakers, computers, smartphones and voice assistants are always present, live or on demand, mobile or “stationary”.

Online audio is the perfect, targeted and effective channel for advertisers and their message. The Digital Audio focus group provides information on the many possibilities offered by online audio.


We develop the industry standards and guidelines of today, discover the trends of tomorrow and develop the audio markets of the future. 


We work transparently and comprehensively and are the first point of contact for all topics and questions relating to online audiofor publishers, creatives and talents, advertisers and industry partners.


Podcast Lab

The Podcast Lab focuses on identifying trends and best practices for the creation, marketing and distribution of podcasts and promoting innovation in the podcast market.   

The Podcast Lab will deal with various topics, including the future of podcasts, monetization opportunities, campaign and media planning, and podcast studies. 


  • Julian Berzbach
  • Luisa Abraham
    Zebralution Podcast


Programmatic Audio Lab

The Lab creates a platform-based exchange opportunity that serves as an excellence center for the topic of “programmatic audio”. 

The Lab promotes open, cross-company knowledge transfer for mutual enrichment, with a high degree of independence. Our insight areas include status analysis, best practices and aim for comprehensive understanding and effectiveness evaluation. 


  • Jannis Poestges 

Deputy lead manager: 

  • Nicola Mach 
    The Trade Desk 
  • Gerrit Dietz 


Tina Jürgens
Zebralution GmbH
Carsten Achterfeld
Deputy chairman
WDR mediagroup GmbH
Frank Kretzschmar
Deputy chairman
adsWizz Inc.
Dr. Lars Peters
Deputy chairman
Spotify GmbH
Matthias Schenk
Deputy chairman
RMS Radio Marketing Services GmbH & Co. KG


Irina Schmitz
Senior Program Manager
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