RMC (Retail Media Circle) — is the specialist circle for all retail companies that want to commit together.

About the Expert group

The RMC (Retail Media Circle) brings together many internationally operating retail companies from Germany under the umbrella of the BVDW. 

We have set ourselves the goal of establishing retail media as a permanent fixture in the media portfolio. We also want to give advertisers and agencies a clear classification of use cases and harmonize the previously opaque and fluctuating definitions of retail media. With standardized formats, price structures and KPIs, standardization in the measurement of advertising impact and a transparent overview, we are developing a product portfolio that is easy for everyone to understand. We are thus creating a “many-fits-all” strategy to take the media category to the next level. 


  • We are committed to strengthening the national and international retail media advertising market 
  • Together with our market partners, we develop and promote sustainable standards and regulations for the media sector 
  • We provide orientation and create market transparency 


  • Positioning of the retail media category 
  • Strengthening the market significance of retail media in Germany and the EU 
  • Development of market standards, uniform metrics, and more 
  • Creating more transparency for retailers and their customers/partners 
  • Opportunity for exchange between market participants in a ‘protected space’ 


Retail media is the unique opportunity to present brands and products where their relevance, perceptibility, and acceptance are high, their path to the customer is very short and their context is most natural. 

As a type of media, retail media enables cross-funnel measurability of advertising impact based on a data-driven history, and this directly in the retailer’s digital and physical ecosystem – on and off-site. 


Patricia Grundmann
OBI First Media Group GmbH & Co. KG
Torsten Ahlers
Deputy chairman
Media-Saturn Marketing GmbH
Robert Jozic
Deputy chairman
Schwarz Media GmbH
Martin Schwager
Deputy chairman
notebooksbilliger.de AG


Irina Schmitz
Senior Program Manager
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Frank Wichmann
Teamlead Business Development & Member Services
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