Metaverse — The "walkable" and "embodied Internet" will be the logical successor to the Mobile Internet.

About the Department

The Metaverse department is an expert forum for inspiration, interdisciplinary exchange and proactive engagement with this development in order to enable the experience of virtual spaces, new forms of value creation and collaboration, as well as the secure, transparent and controlled handling of data and digital objectsas promised by the DNA of Web3.


Our mission is to make the technologies and rules of the metaverse understandable for businesses, identify application areas and business models, as well as illustrate the associated ecosystem and promote a responsible and ethical metaverse. Additionally, Web3 will usher in a new era of the internet and create a decentralized digital landscape. 


The ultimate vision of the Metaverse is a decentralised, interoperable, persistent and immersive digital ecosystem with unlimited user capacity. It will co-exist both in an augmented as well as a truly virtual version as an expansion to the physical world. The fully developed Metaverse will converge with real life and fundamentally change our society and the way we connect, work, live and interact with brands.


In various labs, our experts develop guidelines and provide guidance on dealing with the metaverse. In our Metaverse: Technology Lab, solution paths for entering the metaverse are offered to efficiently accompany the implementation of digital marketing strategies. The Metaverse: Economy Lab identifies application areas, business models, and the associated ecosystems. To promote a responsible and ethical metaverse, the Metaverse: Society Lab has been established. The Web3 Lab aims to showcase the influence of Web3 on the various areas of the Metaverse committee.


The ultimate vision of the Metaverse is a decentralized, interoperable, persistent and sensory-perceptible digital ecosystem with unlimited user capacity. It will coexist with the physical world in both augmented reality (AR) and purely virtual reality (VR). The fully developed Metaverse will merge with real life and fundamentally change our society and the way we connect, work, live and interact with brands (see here).

1st Lab Metaverse: Technology - Infrastructure, Devices, Software 

The core tasks of the Metaverse Lab Technology are market intelligence and the provision of solutions on the path to the metaverse. 

The aim is to support and guide the planning and implementation of digital marketing strategies as efficiently as possible. The experts from the Lab Technology evaluate new technological approaches and initiatives in the metaverse and consolidate the view of advertising and brand strategy issues. The Lab’s publications and events provide assistance and clarification. 

Lab Manager 

  • Andreas Günter 
    Senior Consultant Mobile Strategy & Projects, Ströer Digital Media GmbH 

Deputy Head of Lab 

  • Arnold Pötsch 
    Sr. Manager, UX3D GmbH 
  • Daniel Deason  
    Product Owner, iq digital media marketing 
  • Lea Pahne  
    Experience Lead, Demodern
2nd Lab Metaverse: Economy - Business Models and Ecosystems

The Metaverse will open up enormous opportunities for billions of people and new categories of jobs, applications and industries will emerge in the blink of an eye! With this in mind, the Lab Metaverse: Economy aims to identify fields of application and business models as well as the associated ecosystem. 


  • Christian Weigel 
    Managing Director, Digitas Pixelpark

Deputy Head of Lab 

  • Dr. Silvia Zaharia 
    Professor of Marketing & E-Commerce; Managing Director of the “eWeb Research Center”, Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences 
  • Hendrik Menz 
    Brand & Agency Sales Director, Anzu Virtual Reality Ltd 
  • Björn Schneider 
    Managing Director, construktiv GmbH
3rd Lab Metaverse: Society - General Framework, Ethics and Sustainability

The metaverse, with all its possibilities, is also the subject of our social interaction. It is reshaping societies, changing the labor market and, just like the Internet, will be subject to legal regulation. 

In order to promote a responsible and ethical metaverse, the Lab Metaverse: Society was founded. We take part in an open dialog, research and develop social and cultural frameworks and thus help to place the metaverse in the context of society as a whole. We provide companies with information, guidance and guidelines to develop and shape their own responsible approach to the metaverse. 


  • Carsten Rossi 
    Kammann Rossi GmbH, Managing Director

Deputy Lead Manager 

  • Daniel Zellmer 
    Digitas Pixelpark, Senior Strategist 
  • Dr. Bahne Sievers, LL.M. (LSE) 
    Lawyer, Fieldfisher 
  • Bartosz Przybylek 
    CEO & Founder, whyzer GmbH 
  • Melanie Mura 
    Director, Agencies & Advertisers, Xandr, a Mircrosoft company
4th Lab Metaverse: Web 3

Web3 will usher in a new era of the Internet and create a decentralized digital landscape. It will connect a large number of people worldwide and offer revolutionary opportunities for interaction, the exchange of values and the creation of new economic systems. With this in mind, Lab Web3 aims to identify and highlight the impact of Web3 on the different areas of Lab Metaverse and to inform, support and positively influence it through publications. 


  • Achim Hepp 
    Head of Marketing, CNS E-Business Academy GmbH

Deputy Head of the Lead 

  • Tobias Flosdorf 
    Client Service Director Digital, MUTABOR Technologies GmbH 


Mark Wächter
Kira Grabner
Deputy Chairwoman of the Metaverse Department
Lea Horn
Deputy chairwoman
Arvato Systems
Nico Wohlgemuth
Deputy chairman
Dominik Wöber
Deputy chairman
Google Germany GmbH


Katharina Jäger
Lead Innovation & Technology
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