E-Mail — an association of players who promote the topic of e-mail marketing.

About the Focus group

In this committee, our experts are addressing the future perspectives for e-mail marketing up to 2025. Our team consists of members from the areas of e-mail (service) providers, dialogue agencies and e-mail marketing companies in the fields of technology and security, law, market figures and measurement, internationalization, standards and data as well as marketing automation in online dialogue.


The aim of the e-mail focus group is to provide information on current technical and legal developments, to assist market participants, to identify future trends and to set industry standards. 


E-mail marketing is one of the most efficient marketing methods: measurable, automatable, cost-effective with a high return on investment. At the same time, e-mail marketing makes it possible to build long-term customer relationships through a personal approach with targeted content.


André Görmer
Mapp Digital Germany GmbH
Lars Leiwesemeier
Deputy chairman
AZ Direct GmbH
Romain Vallé
Deputy chairman
United Internet Media GmbH


Irina Schmitz
Senior Program Manager
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