Online Marketer Circle — represents the interests of online display marketers in the German advertising market.

About the Expert group

As the voice of online marketers, we provide agencies and advertisers with reports, studies and guidelines and work with them to develop and promote standards and regulations. We comment on current industry developments and support and shape national and international initiatives and projects in the digital advertising market. The online marketer circle also serves as an exchange and networking platform for its members. The online marketer circle is a closed expert group. 


We are committed to strengthening the national online advertising market and maintaining its diversity. We develop standards, provide orientation and create market transparency. We are solution-oriented; quality, sustainability and future viability are at the heart of our work.


In four different units the experts of the online marketer circle members are committed to the interests of the advertising market and the specialist community. The core tasks of the Ad Tech & Programmatic unit are standardization and further development in the area of technology. The Environment Quality & Advertising Impact unit researches the impact of digital campaigns and the attitudes of users. The Market Figures unit determines and publishes data on the development of the online advertising market. The Marketing & Communication unit is responsible for raising awareness of the online marketer circle among the specialist public. 


Rasmus Giese
Chairman of the Online marketer circle Expert Group
United Internet Media GmbH
Steffen Bax
Deputy Chairman of the Online marketer circle Expert Group
iq digital media marketing GmbH
Sabrina Büchel
Deputy Chairwoman of the Programmatic Advertising Focus group
Deputy Chairwoman of the Online marketer circle Expert Group
BurdaForward GmbH
Dirk Maurer
Deputy Chairman of the Online marketer circle Expert Group
Ad Alliance GmbH
Christopher Reher
Deputy Chairman of the Data Economy Department
Deputy Chairman of the Online marketer circle Expert Group
Media Impact GmbH & Co. KG


Kathrin Theurig
Senior Program Manager
+49 30 2062186-0
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