Whether through networking events or representation of interests - the entire industry benefits from the know-how of each individual.

We cooperate with national and international industry networks that represent a variety of overarching interests beyond location-specific topics.


Working Group Online Research

The Working Group Online Research is an association of the leading online marketers in Germany. With its standardized online reach currency and comprehensive data on the use of digital media, it turns the classic and mobile Internet into transparent and plannable advertising media. The BVDW is a supporting member of agof. The majority of members of the online marketer circle are also members or study participants of the Working Group Online Research.

INFOnline GmbH

INFOnline – the standard for online measurement! In accordance with this guiding principle, INFOnline has been providing standardized measurement parameters on the use of Internet sites since 2002. In doing so, INFOnline relies on the uniform standards of the Information community for determining the distribution of advertising media (Informationsgemeinschaft zur Feststellung der Verbreitung von Werbeträgern) and the Working Group Online Research. The BVDW is a founding member and shareholder of INFOnline.

Information community for determining the distribution of advertising media

It has been neutrally and objectively determining and testing the distribution of advertising media since 1949. With its work results, it provides reliable data for consumers, professional advertisers and for the performance competition between the media. Media providers, advertisers and advertising agencies have thus created an effective control system that is under their joint supervision. The BVDW represents the interests of its members in the communitys Administrative Board and Online Media Organizational Committee.

Information community for determining the distribution of advertising media


Initiative D21 e.V.

We promote trust in the digital society.

Initiative D21 has a network of 200 member companies and organizations from all sectors, which together employ more than one million people in Germany. The aim of the non-profit association Initiative D21 is to contribute to social development with practice-oriented and interdisciplinary projects in the fields of education, location and trust, as well as to stimulate economic growth and secure sustainable jobs. The BVDW is a supporting member of Initiative D21 and is involved in Germany’s largest partnership between politics and business.

Central Association of the German Advertising Industry

The Central Association of the German Advertising Industry is the overall umbrella organization of the advertising industry in Germany. It represents all areas of the advertising industry in fundamental positions to the outside world and, with its committees and institutions, forms the “round table” for common policy, the balancing of interests and self-regulation of those involved in the advertising business. The BVDW is one of 41 member associations of the Central Association of the German Advertising Industry and thus represents the important online advertising sector within the organization. The associations are working together to develop the planned self-regulation of the German online advertising industry, which is to be established under the umbrella of the Central Association of the German Advertising Industry.


IAB Europe

The IAB Europe brings together 26 countries and 27 companies from the European online advertising industry to promote the growth of the interactive advertising market. BVDW has been a member of IAB Europe since 2007. The work of IAB Europe is organized in four working groups: Policy, Brand Advertising, Mobile and Direct Response. In addition, there are five task forces and various individual projects within IAB Europe. IAB Europe’s most important projects include the European advertising market study AdEx Europe, which provides a comparable overview and analysis of the European online advertising market once a year.

Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB)

The BVDW has been an active licensee of the IAB US since 2011 and creates new working platforms at international level where topics are jointly coordinated and developed.

World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)

W3C is the international body for the standardization of Internet technologies. It develops technical specifications and guidelines in order to achieve maximum consensus on the content of a technical protocol as well as high technical and editorial quality. Its founder and chairman is Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web. In addition to the four host organizations MIT, ERCIM, Beihang University and Keio University, around 400 organizations and companies are currently members of the W3C, including BVDW since 2013.