CDR Building Bloxx - The Framework for Strategy & Implementation of Corporate Digital Responsibility (CDR)

Erscheinungsdatum: September 2020
Umfang: 6 Seiten

The German Association for the Digital Economy (BVDW) e. V. has developed a framework for Corporate Digital Responsibility (CDR) to support companies in the strategy and implementation of CDR. The framework is entitled "CDR Building Bloxx".

CDR covers the voluntary contribution of industry to ethical and sustainable digital de­velopment. This objective goes beyond simply meeting existing legal requirements. An essential component of CDR is the value-based approach to the positive and negative ef­fects, as well as the direct and indirect effects of the use of digital technologies. In addition, data-driven products and systems, as well as digital business processes and models are analysed, weighed up and aligned with corporate values whilst also taking the interests of different stakeholders into consideration.

Many companies from different industries are already dealing with digital responsibility and digital ethics. New areas of activity and best practices are constantly being added. Further­more, some companies practice CDR measures without calling them like this. Finally, politics and science also work on CDR criteria, sometimes independently of each other. Against this background and in view of the rapidly growing relevance of CDR, it has become necessary to develop a uniform understanding of CDR. The evaluation of practice-oriented criteria for CDR reporting, as well as the flexible regulation of digital technologies and applications, are also important tools to support the implementation of CDR.

A structured and communicable framework is needed for these purposes - a CDR framework. As the mouthpiece of digitisation in Germany and Europe, the BVDW has taken up this challenge: The CDR Building Bloxx form the basis for a uniform understanding of CDR in business, politics, science and society. They offer an experience based framework for everyday use. The aim of the framework is to provide focus for its usage in standardising CDR implementa­tions and to establish accepted CDR standards.

The CDR Building Bloxx makes it easier for beginners to access CDR. Advanced users support them in successfully developing their CDR activities. A framework with uniform CDR standards leads to greater efficiency and effectiveness in the evaluation of topic areas and processes. In addition, progress can be analysed and documented more transparently. Newly emerging developments become visible earlier and more easily.

Finally, a CDR framework also makes it possible to compare CDR activities of different com­panies. Within the framework of CDR Building Bloxx, CDR measures can be prioritised, verified and tested in a comprehensible way.