Delta Projects Deutschland GmbH

Delta Projects Deutschland GmbH



Delta Projects offer a unique complete platform for planning, execution and reporting of programmatic trading. With Europe's Largest proprietary technology, over 90 000 bid requests are Analyzed every second to Constantly Provide the insights and tools needed to run the most effective campaigns Possible. Across the platform, real-time data supports the unique choice of inventory deed and target group is bought at a price equal to its value.  


Delta Projects, founded 2002 in Stockholm, has a long history of introducing new technology to the market. The company has a strong presence in Europe with local offices in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany and the Netherlands offering local media-deals and local support. John Lilja is the founder and CEO. Approx. 60 Employees and offices in 5 countries, with media coverage in 11 European countries.


All the major network agencies in the nordics (Group M, VivaKi etc.).


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