Interview: Programmatic Advertising

Interview mit Maurice Gerlach
Director Sales Display
esc mediagroup GmbH

1. In your opinion, what current trend will most likely affect the future of digital marketing?

We do see and expect a significant growth in data driven approaches in order to address the right users at the right place at a perfect time. In combination with cross device targetings, real data, customer journey data and social approaches, which will affect the marketing directions the most. Especially the cross device data will be an enormous relevant part since 2016 the mobile traffic superseded the display traffic for the first time in history. Most likely the advertisers will try to minimize divergence losses and therefore will need to contribute own collected data.

2. How will Programmatic Advertising affect the constellation, and the whole structure of market participants?

Programmatic will help to evolve above mentioned points, since it will help to buy the traffic with less stray but with different data sets. Real time models will further shape the whole market since it´s possibilities lie in a fast adaptation and customization. Classic sales houses who insist on models which worked centuries ago and a not open to changes will be outdated but smart data tech companies. One of the important things will be the classification of standards and generally valid guidelines.

3. What can dmexco visitors experience at your booth?

A team full of specialists in their discipline & honest recommendations. …of course there will be some fun stuff too, thinking of Bavarian beer ;-)