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About the Focus group

Content marketing, for us, involves data-driven planning, creation, distribution, measurement, and optimization of content. Its aim is twofold: firstly, to achieve targeted agenda-setting and agenda-surfing, and secondly, to address a defined target audience with user-oriented content. This is done in order to contribute to an overarching company goal and trigger a specific action. 

The focus group offers a platform for a lively public discourse on the topic of content marketing and communication and is also a home for diverse approaches to the creation (content creation & storytelling), organization and distribution of content. We stand for unity in diversity, technology and creativity, transparency and relevance as key factors for successful content marketing & communication. 


We help to understand content marketing and communication. In line with the credo “Content First”, the focus group positions itself as an opinion leader and spokesperson on all issues relating to content marketing and communication. Together, the members are committed to cross-industry standards, the highest quality requirements and a sustainable professionalization of the topic.


We want to offer relevant content to people who pay attention to brands. With creativity and the targeted use of technology, we develop outstanding communication solutions that create benefits, entertain, convince and inspire. Our understanding of content marketing and communication is holistic, cross-channel, data-driven and cross-media – not focused on one discipline or type of media. We take a holistic view of the entire value chain and provide inspiration to improve bit by bit and learn together. Through real added value, we help advertisers in companies or agencies achieve their goals and consumers make the best possible decisions.


Christian Fill
Kammann Rossi GmbH
Christiane Reimer
Deputy chairwoman
Schaeffler AG & Co. KG
Anette Siragusano
Deputy chairwoman
OTTO GmbH & Co. KG


Daniel Schuster
Teamlead Marketing & Events
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