Neuromarketing Camp

Veröffentlicht am: 19.10.2018
Beginn 07.11.2018 09:00
Enddatum 09.11.2018 18:00
Hamburg Media School Finkenau 35, 22081 Hamburg
Organisator Hamburg Media School
KontaktUlrike Dobelstein-Lüthe
Telefon+49 (0) 40 413468 - 74

Companies that succeed in today´s consumer-focused attention economy know how to create engagement with their audience. Since engagement processes also imply emotional dimensions, neuroscientific approaches get more and more attention in the media and advertising industry and neuromarketing companies offer promising insights how to capture consumers. To be able to select the right approach and research partner it is useful to be aware of principle neuroscientific models and gather an overview of key players in the field.

The 2,5 days camp will begin with an introduction to the basic methods in neuromarketing, with a focus on applicable tools like eye tracking, eeg, facial coding or eda.
Participants will acquire basics and limitations of the tools and key trends and developments for business.
Experts will share exclusive knowledge and experiences with the different tools.


Participants learn in smaller group atmosphere (max. 25 participants)

  • fundamentals of applied neuromarketing, e.g. emotional branding, engaging story telling or visual perception mechanisms,
  • which tools are available to gather neuroscientific data,
  • how to use the data for business tasks and basics to understand and interpret it

Target group

The seminar Neuromarketing is mainly intended for professionals, students and researchers from the fields of management, marketing, advertising or communication who want to upgrade their knowledge about consumer and user behavior with neuroscientifical approaches.

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