Success for BVDW concept regarding quality and transparency of Programmatic Advertising in Europe: After Switzerland and Austria, Poland now also adopts the Code of Conduct Programmatic Advertising 2.0

The Code of Conduct Programmatic Advertising 2.0 of the German Association for the Digital Economy (BVDW) gains more and more importance also on an international level. The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Polska has adopted the Code of Conduct and by doing so has already become the third international partner after Switzerland (IAB Switzerland) and Austria (IAB Austria). 40 companies active in Poland are already planning to sign the Code of Conduct. In Germany as well, a major energy supplier as a first advertiser recently joined the ranks of signing companies.

The Code of Conduct Programmatic Advertising 2.0 takes into account requirements from and for market partners from eight market segments: DSPs (Demand-Side Platforms), SSPs (Sell-Side Platforms), publishers/marketers, data providers as well as advertisers, agencies, DMPs (Data-Management Platforms) and providers of verification solutions. Not only member companies of the BVDW can sign the commitment regarding transparency, quality and safety in the area of Programmatic Advertising as outlined in the Code of Conduct, also non-members may sign the initiative.

BVDW Vice President Thomas Duhr (IP Deutschland): “With the Code of Conduct Programmatic Advertising 2.0, the BVDW as well as the signing companies set a standard for more quality in digital advertising. This Code of Conduct is a clear commitment for standardized procedures and processes in the area of Programmatic Advertising as well as high quality standards while keeping transparency to the outside. After having created the Code of Conduct 2.0 together with our partner associations in Austria and Switzerland, IAB Poland now shows that the German market - despite professed reservation - is following and forging the right and essential paths in this context. The high number of international companies among the signing companies also emphasizes this.”

Wlodzimierz Schmidt, CEO IAB Polska: “The programmatic model of advertising purchase very dynamically increases its share in advertising expenditure in Poland and all of Europe. On one hand, it proves the rapid technological development of the industry, on the other, it carries the risk of unfair practices. Therefore, it became crucial to develop standards and rules that will make this model a trusted source of effective advertising. The answer came from Germany and developed by BVDW the Code of Good Programmatic Practices assures sustainable development of the programmatic ecosystem. Poland is the first non-German speaking country to adopt the CoC but we hope that other European markets will follow shortly.”

All information regarding the Code of Conduct Programmatic Advertising 2.0, the requirements regarding participation and the advisory council can be found here.

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